Welcome To The Jim Passé Cure Paralysis Foundation

Jim Passé is a world-class stage Illusionist, with appearances on NBC's World's Greatest Magic, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and theaters around the US. His show comprises amazing illusions, dance numbers with his dance team and almost eight tons of equipment. He also has the distinction of being the only illusionist to perform stage magic from a wheelchair.

Jim is also an attorney, working in the pharmaceutical field for over 25 years as well as his magic performances during the last 12 years. Jim currently performs most of his magic shows as fund-raisers for various organizations related to medical issues, children and education. Jim is now tackling world-class fund-raising that will be of great interest to not only Jim and his condition, but to the millions who will benefit from the work of The Jim Passé Cure Paralysis Foundation.

The Jim Passé Cure Paralysis Foundation and The Magic of Jim Passé are producing its first major fund-raiser titled the " Magic Blindfolded Drive" (MBD), an actual 3000-mile magician's illusion where Jim Passé will drive blindfolded from New York City to Hollywood on June 30th- July 6th, 2004 to highlight the need for funds to cure paralysis. The team is being assembled and fund-raising efforts are underway. Media events, national exposure events and other media outlets will be made available to those helping sponsor the MBD.